The Long Reach [REVIEW]


The Long Reach is a pixel art adventure-horror game that has a very dark atmosphere and a constant feeling of dread. The writing will keep you hooked and I found myself never really knowing what was going to happen, which I loved!

I really enjoyed the storytelling, but sadly there is not much that can be said without spoiling the twists and turns, so I will give you an idea of what type of game it is and just hope you will give it a shot. It is a short game, so the review will be just the same.

The spoiler-free rundown

The game begins with your character Calvin, who is dealing with some serious issues in his relationship, but it quickly turns into a much darker story.

There is some very dark content. Drugs, alcohol, suicide, murder, and schizophrenia to point out a few, but it all feels as though they are used to progress the story and develop the world and characters within it. It never felt as though the content was there for shock value, although it was normally quite shocking and disturbing.

The Long Reach feels a bit like a point and click adventure game so there are times where you may find yourself clicking on things in your inventory out of frustration until something works, but it feels very rewarding when you find the solution to a problem using your own logic. The answer is sometimes given to you in conversations with characters, though those seemed to be a little obscure at times.

The verdict

I really enjoyed this game. It was super dark, surprisingly gory and there was something about the pixel art that added even more to the unsettling atmosphere. The story and writing are what really stuck with me. The puzzles can be fun but I found some of them really slowed down my progress through the story that I really enjoyed!

So, If you enjoy dark humor, pixel art, some light puzzle solving and have a few hours to give, you really should try The Long Reach.


The Long Reach

Developer: Painted Black Games
Publisher: Merge Games
Release Date: March 14, 2018