Journey through Relient K - The Anatomy of Tongue in Cheek [ALBUM REVIEW]

Relient k, The Anatomy of Tongue in CheeK (2001), Gotee Records

Relient k, The Anatomy of Tongue in CheeK (2001), Gotee Records

I challenged myself to go through Relient K’s mainline discography and give each record a fresh set of ears.

I continue to trek through Relient K's discography with their sophomore release, The Anatomy of Tongue in Cheek (2001).

Brief review

"Anatomy" still suffers from some of the same faults as RK's self-titled record. The lyrics are full of cheese in a way that gets in the way of taking the songs seriously. The music is much more developed than Self-Titled, but it starts to drag halfway through because there are so many dang songs. Like seriously guys. Cut out like 6 of these songs.

-Very clear progress in musical ability and song structure from their previous work.
-Catchier and memorable songs.
-Songs that helped define their early career (Like "Sadie Hawkin's Dance").

-Lyrics are still cheesy.
-Runtime is far too long.
-Album artwork is boyband-esque.

-"Pressing On"
-"Sadie Hawkin's Dance"
-"For the Moments I Feel Faint"


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