Journey through Relient K - Self-Titled [ALBUM REVIEW]

Relient K, self-titled (2000), Gotee Records

Relient K, self-titled (2000), Gotee Records

Relient K is one of my favorite bands. I grew up with them and as I grew, so did their music.

As an experiment, I challenged myself to take a walk down memory lane through their discography. I want to see how they changed, how their old records hold up and maybe rediscover songs I missed.

Relient K (2000) - Review

To start my Journey through Relient K's Discography, I popped in their self-titled album for the first time in a while. I was surprised at how little I appreciated it on this listen. While there are some gems on this album, it doesn't hit any of the "notes" that I'm looking for in a good album. Not even my nostalgia buttons (which was also surprising). The pop punk is fairly pure, but it also feels fairly uninspired. However, rarely does a band start off at their best, no matter what your hipster friends tell you.

-Some of the greatest album artwork I've ever seen. Simple, yet bold typography. Hilarious photo. I just love it.
-The album is very playful. It doesn't take itself too seriously. While I appreciate RK's more serious work, this is still fun.
-This record has a sense of innocence that isn't found too often in music.

-These lyrics seem like they were written collectively by a church youth group with the youth leader saying "make sure to resolve any song with Jesus." It all felt so forced.
-They are so young. You can feel it. I'm sure they feel it when they look back on this record.
-While the album is simple and playful, it also feels under-developed musically and lyrically.
-The "secret" song (that RK includes most albums) was utterly pointless.

-"Hello McFly"
-"Softer to Me"

Christian’s score: 5.0/10.0

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