Gamer Level: Happy - Nintendo and Nostalgia

Retro Nintendo ad.

Retro Nintendo ad.

Nostalgia plays a big part in gaming for me. I have Nintendo to thank for that.

I have been sucked back into console gaming. A recent Nintendo purchase has brought me fully back.

When I play it I feel the same feelings that I had back in my young gamer days. With this, I found myself longing for the 16-bit happiness of my youth. I have owned only a small handful of consoles in my life but the first one that brings a smile to my face is that of the Super Nintendo.

I can remember the countless hours playing F-Zero, Super Mario All-Stars, Contra and the Flintstones on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. I want to say that we got our system in 1994 or 1995 because I could remember bringing home a new fighting game called Killer Instinct 1995. I know we had fighting games Like Street Fighter II and Mortal Kombat. But for whatever reason, unboxing the sleek black cartridge of Killer Instinct rests in the back of my mind as a happy day. I played that game way too long and stayed up way too late just trying to get in those combos and get better so I could beat my dad.

The Super Nintendo holds a special place in my heart as it is the first console that I can recall playing and truly loving. I know at some point in my life I had a TurboGrafx-16 with Galaga for a while. But it wasn’t a system that grabbed my attention.

Nintendo has always been there, feeding the console gamer within me. It has been a reliable source of great memories. I can remember sitting around the Nintendo 64, waiting my turn to play Super Mario 64. I can remember the many hours digging into games on Gamecube. I still have a blast with my family on the Wii.

I didn’t own a 64 or a GameCube in my youth but my friends had them and that’s when all the gaming happened. In my long journey of gaming, I focused on PC games for a long time which kept me away from the Wii U. But I am happy to say that I own a Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo has been really good to me. I have missed sitting down with a friend (or by myself) and playing some beautiful games.

Since I got a Nintendo Switch, I have a whole new journey of great games to play. More on that next time.


What system sits above all the others in your heart?

Also, here’s a list of console I have owned/own currently:

Super Nintendo Entertainment System



PlayStation 2 

Xbox 360