Gamer Level: Happy - Wii and Gamecube are treasures


When I started the Gamer Level: Happy series, I wrote in regards to playing and buying console games.

“I think it is because console games have never really grabbed onto the 'gamer' within me, at least not tight enough to make the purchase.”

Today, I eat my words like Kirby. I have recently acquired a few consoles. Keep in mind that I purchased these at cheaper prices, one of which I purchased with the full expectation that it was broken.

Wii would like to play

The newest console that I added to my arsenal is the Nintendo Wii. I believe this console gets very little credit for such a small, sleek and versatile console. I have owned two Wii systems in my life, this one being my second and I always forget how much fun this system can be. One of the coolest features about the first Wii is its Gamecube backward compatibility. I repeat: it can play GAMECUBE GAMES. I had completely forgotten about this feature!

The nice little lunchbox

Speaking of Gamecube. Let me tell you how I fell down the console rabbit hole.

Before getting this Wii, I had purchased a “broken” Gamecube hoping to use its case for a RetroPie. I had plans that the RetroPie was going to be my console splurge. Little did I know, it would be only the start of a splurge.

After getting the Gamecube, I found out it wasn’t broken! I started collecting and borrowing games from friends. The purchase of this Gamecube grabbed the gamer within me.

Let's talk about the games

Recently, I have been playing a few family games with my wife. Wii Sports and Mario Kart Wii have been a really fun way to spend time together. These games are very entertaining and both have very catchy tunes that get stuck in your head. These games also have a high replay value, which I find to be key to owning a game.

Alone, I have started to play Super Mario Galaxy 2 and I have to say this game is surprisingly fun. Its packed full of Mario themed puzzles wrapped in a really nice 3D galactic adventure. At first, I got a bit motion sick with the 3D globe style, it took a while to get over.


  • What game system led you down the gamer rabbit hole?

  • What is your favorite Nintendo Wii game?