Gamer Level: Happy - Part 1

Part 1: My history with gaming

The world of video games can be overwhelming. There's a constant stream of new games hitting the market every year. If that wasn’t enough, new gaming consoles are released every few years. How can I keep up with this "buy it, play it, and ditch it" world we live in?

Simply put - I do not.

Sure, there are amazing games out that I would love to play. For instance, I just admitted to my friends that I have never actually played games in the Legend of Zelda or Metroid franchises. These games surrounded my youth, but I never dedicated any time to them. I understand some of the references and characters but that is about it.

Why didn't I take the plunge and play these games?

I think it is because console games have never really grabbed onto the "gamer" within me, at least not tight enough to make the purchase. Don’t get me wrong - I have purchased a few consoles and gaming systems in my day but even then, they were mostly portable systems like GameBoy, Nintendo DS and PSP.

So how do I get my video game fix?

It is simple: I play games via a mouse and keyboard. Yes, it is true. I am a PC gamer.

All my life I have owned a PC or something that resembles and operates like a PC. I have even played on Frankenstein machines by taking parts of one machine and strapping it to another. But nowadays, I sit down with my Alienware 13 R2 and just play. That is, when I have the time.

Alienware 13 R2

Alienware 13 R2

Being a PC gamer has its limitations, of course, there are games that I want to play but don't have access to. Even with these limitations, I am happy.

I think the most important thing about gaming needs to be the level of happiness that it gives you. I call this Gamer Level: Happy. If you reach Gamer Level: Happy by purchasing the newest and most powerful consoles, do it! But don't just update your setup in order to keep up with the Joneses.

As for me, I will be just fine typing in the insanely long product keys for older PC games.