"You have forsaken your homes. You have abandoned your posts. You have put your brethren in the way of much suffering, and all so that you could be here today and make your stand. For we have endured this enslavement long enough.

"Today, we announce our freedom for all to hear. Let us cast off these shackles and declare our independence. The oppressive king, who bound us hand-and-foot since the days we were born, will send out his forces to destroy us. That force is, indeed, beyond us in number. But, if we are to fall in this final battle, then at least our message will be known to all those who remain subject to him.

"His lies, at long last, will be revealed! For he cannot declare peace and compassion, yet shed the blood of his own servants. Hypocrisy is his name, and by our hand will he be exposed, the curse over this land broken. 

"Do not be deceived, my brothers. Most of us, and quite possibly all of us, will die in this last struggle. And you will have no choice but to kill some of those who you have tried to free. For these whom we face are our own kin. Our brothers: forced through delusion to fight in service to that wicked overlord; our king, who lies shamelessly with sweet words and empty promises to keep the many under his reign.

"But be strong! This war is necessary, to take that which is rightfully ours: our land, our honor, our glory, and our freedom! Cut down all who will stand in your way, who will fight for the oppression that leads their own loved ones, let alone ours, to suffer. Liberation is at hand! And let nothing stop us from tearing down our enemy!

"Today, we rescue this kingdom from tyranny and bondage. Today, we tear down the foundations of this corrupted order, and in its place, a new order will be established. A new kingdom, in which every one of us decides our own destiny. For the first time, our lives will be in our own hands. I will bring us forward into a bright, new future! The order I will establish will be one of the people. There will be no one to answer to, no one to command you how to live. That choice belongs to each and every one of you! Today, we fight for freedom!"

The soldiers make their battle cry in defiance of the lord who reigns over them. Their roar is heard throughout the kingdom, from one corner to the other. And now they march, their leader at the front, fearless and proud, ready to usher in what, in his eyes, would be a glorious new empire. They stand before the king's army, and their final stand is made. But it is all in vain. They cannot overcome the king's might. The king's army was too great in number and power.

However, they were not destroyed. Instead, the king decrees that they should be cast out of the kingdom - their only home. The rebel leader now finds himself in a barren, desolate wasteland, and there is nothing left in his heart but hatred - not from his people being exiled to the void, but for the throne which he failed to claim for himself. All the time he spent conceiving those lies, stirring hatred among the people to form his rebellion, wasted on a kingship he could not steal.

Now and forevermore he screams his rage to the heavens, forsaking the name his father gave him - a name of beauty - and in its place a name of terror, hideous to utter and atrocious to hear. His once musical voice now raw and haggard from endless shrieks and howls, he claims his new status. His followers do the same, vowing to follow that name forever, eternally deceived. It is a name feared by man, hated by angels, and speaks of a sin to make even God weep. For it is against Him that this name is spoken: the very same Father and King who loved this wretched soul, only to see him fall and spend the rest of eternity crying:

I am Satan!