We're here.  Finally.

If you came in contact with this website because you heard our first few podcast episodes, first of all: wow, I'm impressed you stuck with us.  Second, we're glad to be getting this project off the ground.

From here on out, you should be able to read updates from the team from this blog.  We might post short stories, release dates for content, and what we ate for dinner on here as well.

Follow This Entertainment is a web-based entertainment group that hopes to create content that is enjoyable for all ages, reaches people of all walks of life, and focuses on storytelling and communication.

We're still at our early stages, so I apologize that we don't have much content available yet.  However, if we get more feedback from people in the meantime, it might encourage us to get the ball rolling!

Talk to us.  Send us an email.  Engage with us on social media.  Subscribe to Follow This Podcast.  Download our first eBook.  Criticize us.  Give us money.  All of the above.

Our goal of this entertainment group is to create enjoyable content for you and for us as well.  We wouldn't be doing any of this if we didn't think it was awesome.

This is a pretty new experience for us.  Maybe you haven't seen a website like this.  Let's do this together and see where it takes us.  Got it?


Christian Moore

Founder of Follow This Entertainment and co-host of Follow This Podcast. Christian is a husband, a writer, a musician, a hobbyist, and an idea man. He likes the LA Dodgers, food, beer, movies, literature, comics, and theology.  He does Marketing at a public library and is the Worship Director at a church. He studies Public Relations at California Baptist University.